Youi Insurance Review

Youi insurance reviewInsurance company description: The Australian insurance company, Youi, has indeed captured a special place amongst customers, due to its distinctive approach on insurance. The Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings Limited Group of Companies or the RMIH is an international firm which deals with leading insurance brands and Youi is a part of RMIH. Youi Insurance has definitely emerged as a true-customer friendly firm whose only focus is to work for the benefit of the customers. The exceptional and unique services offered by Youi makes it closer to its customers. Youi has made insurance matters extremely simple by offering clients the choice of adding, modifying, renewing or amending the policy as per their requirement and you can do all this even without speaking to an agent or customer support executive.

Insurance covers: The main insurance covers offered by Youi are Home insurance, Car Insurance, Comprehensive Car Insurance, Contents Insurance, Home and Contents insurance and Building Insurance.

Advantages: Youi believes in offering an open insurance policy to the customer which the client can take care of through the online means. Youi believes in customizing each policy according to the client’s needs and they design each, specific policy by gathering all kinds of relevant information from the client. The tailor-made policies from Youi have become very popular as clients can create their own insurance policies as per their needs. Youi is extremely competitive and their achievement in the area of insurance is remarkable. This insurance company offers a paperless application process and claims system to its clients. Youi is quite economical compared to the other brands of insurance and this is also one of the prime reasons for the growing popularity of this insurance firm. The customer service team at Youi only aims at offering quality and timely help to their customers and clients seem to be quite satisfied with the quick turnaround time and the customer service operations at Youi.

Disadvantages: Youi asks a lot of questions in order to prepare tailor-made policies which are not liked by certain clients as they are not happy to share personal information. Some clients think that Youi tries to invade their privacy by asking a lot of questions. The rates on the policies can go high almost as double of the original price, especially if the client did not go in for a low-risk driver.

Overall: Most of the reviews found for Youi confirms to us that the brands provided by this Australian Insurance company is worth trying out and will prove to be beneficial for all low risk holders.

Note: Views expressed in this review are not the opinion of Insurance Pick. It is a summary of multiple reviews collected from community-review websites posted by consumers. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

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