Worldcare Travel Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description:  Worldcare Travel insurance has been taking care of Australians on their overseas travel for the past ten years and is also an expert in the matter of foreign medical risks.  The motto of Worldcare is to provide quality travel insurance services to Australians. Worldcare is underwritten by Allianz which is one of the topmost insurance companies in the world. Worldcare makes sure to reduce the stress and tension of traveling. Foreign travel can be really tough and Worldcare makes sure that it can simplify the travel for you as much as possible.

Covers: As the name suggests, Worldcare is popular amongst Australians for offering policies in the travel insurance field.
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Pros: Customers like to associate with Worldcare because of their amazing prices on their insurance. The rate on their insurance is very modest compared to the other travel insurance in Australia and they are more reasonable than the other travel insurances. The customer service representatives at Worldcare are found to be extremely caring and passionate with the customers and they are known to pay great attention to the customer queries. If you want to know about a quote or about the details of a policy, all you need to do is get in touch with a customer support representative who will be more than happy to provide you the quote directly on the phone. You can also get the quote by visiting the company’s website and you will be surprised to learn that you can easily purchase policies and premiums through the company webpage. Worldcare is known for its high payout rate and there have been several recorded instance when the customer has notified Worldcare about emergency cash and by fulfilling just a few formalities, the required cash is deposited into the customer’s account.

Cons: Clients are quite dissatisfied by the time taken in the claim process. Many clients are of the opinion that the process is extremely slow. It would be better to go through the policies in a careful manner as there are a lot of damages that Worldcare will not pay for. It would be better if you are well-versed about the policy from the beginning itself. Customers should also understand that the travel protection offered by Worldcare is not comprehensive.

free travel insurance quote

Overall: Worldcare Travel insurance has indeed carved its own niche in today’s insurance market and is definitely appreciated for its care and assistance which it offers its people. It is a great support to all those people who like to be protected when they are on travel. Make sure that you carefully read the policy, if not there is a possibility that you will end up buying a policy you don’t know. You will be surprised to know that a considerable number of travelers have bought Worldcare travel policies without reading them properly and they regretted their decision later on. If you have trouble understanding your policy, get in touch with the customer support line or a professional at this field who will be able to guide you properly through this.


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