Virgin Insurance Reviews

Virgin Money insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: The Virgin Money financial service is a well-known enterprise and is a part of the Virgin Group. Virgin Insurance is also part of this family. Virgin Money operates in UK, USA, South Africa and Australia. Virgin Insurance was created with the focus of offering a variety of products to the customers as per their needs and requirements.

Covers: The prime coverage offered by Virgin Insurance is the car insurance and life insurance.

Pros: Virgin Car Insurance has brought to the customers the Virgin 3-way saver which works in the best interests of customers. This scheme starts off with the renewal price promise, which guarantees customers the same price or even lower if your situation is remaining the same. Then, there is the flexi excess discount wherein which concessions are offered on the premiums as much as $100. The ‘Refer a friend’ feature is extremely useful as when your family or friends go in for a comprehensive policy, and then you both are offered $50. Thus, this scheme is a great saver and works well for all. You can choose to receive the quote as well as the registration through the company’s website and by doing so; you can earn bonuses or can get credit in your Virgin Mobile account. The customer service of this insurance is found to be reliable and is passionate about the customer needs and queries. The prices on the premium offered by Virgin Car insurance is found to be economical than the car insurances in Australia. The claim process is relatively quick and can be done through the company website as well.

Cons: The major disadvantage of this insurance is that it does not offer home or content insurance to the users. Customers often complain about the way in which Virgin handles quotes. Certain clients have confirmed that sometimes the quotes they provide do not include the extra monthly bonus. If your car gets damaged, you have to go through a long investigative procedure in order to understand how the car was damaged. Many a times, their offers can be hard to comprehend.

Overall: Customers should understand that the Virgin Car Insurance is a small insurance firm in this field and they may not include a number of products and services. It is a must that you read the Terms and Conditions and the fine prints carefully so that you do not regret your decision later on.


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