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Insurance Company Description: TIO is an insurance firm that can be said to be ‘assured’ from the Government as this organization is the property of the Northern Territory Government. The Board of Members of this insurance company is answerable to the Minister regarding the performance of TIO. Although it is government owned, yet it works on commercial values and has core standards to match up with. TIO strives hard to achieve the performance benchmarks set up in the insurance field.

Covers: TIO includes policies in home insurance, content insurance, boat insurance, car insurance, landlord insurance, business insurance and strata little insurance.

Pros: TIO is regarded as the finest insurance firm in the Northern Territory and as it is established only in a single state, their operations are noted to be quite quick and the staff are cordial and are happy to help you anytime. You can receive the quotes on the spot which is of great help to the customers. Most of the policies that are offered by TIO are comprehensive and they are priced at economical rates. Thus, TIO serves the purpose for families and younger people who are unable to buy policies from a big insurer. TIO makes sure that the claims are handled in a quick manner and sees to it that the repairs are sorted out in the same week. Customers are extremely satisfied with the promptness with which TIO operates and it has gathered considerable appreciation over the years for being professional and reliable.

Cons: Some customers are of the view that the claim process in case of damage takes up considerable time. Clients are not happy about the investigative process of TIO and complain that they ask a lot of questions and they are strict about the claims. They do not approve claims for damages that could have been avoided.  TIO is quite strict about the kind of claims which it approves and this is one of the features that customers do not like about this insurance firm.

Overall: TIO is a small yet reliable company and it is one of the best insurance companies to go to if you are living in the Northern Territory. It offers cheap insurance policies which can be purchased by all. However, it would be wise to be cautious while handling the policy documents and it is a must that you read through the policy carefully before you sign up for it.


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