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Insurance Company Description: The Buzz Insurance is a branch of the Insurance Australia Group or the IAG and it is present in Asia, New Zealand and in the UK as well. This online general insurer can be referred to as the only Australian Insurance company which operates completely through its website, you can purchase, change, cancel, claim and renew your policy through the company’s website which works 24/7 and there are assistants at any time of the day that will help you with the problem. Buzz insurance sees to it that they offer insurance policies in a very hassle-free manner. It was established in May 2009 and it is a special type of insurance firm which helps you get your insurance work done online without having the need to phone or visit the company’s office.

Covers: Buzz Insurance is known to offer coverage in car insurance, home insurance, building insurance and landlord insurance.

Pros: One of the prime reasons for the increasing popularity of Buzz Insurance is because of its remarkable quoting interface which users find easy to use. Clients find that they are able to change their excesses from as little as $700 to $2000. The quotes are offered to the customers in an instant manner for review so that you can take into consideration of the modifications and this aspect has gained popularity as it saves the time of the users. Buzz Insurance is also famous for offering policies at extremely modest price. Customers are also happy with the fact that they can choose their own car repairer in case of car damages. The online support system is available 24/7 which is a special characteristic of this insurance firm. Customers confirm that there is no waiting period in getting in touch with the customer support that is informative and helpful at the same time.

Cons: Customers are only skeptic about the part that Buzz is not an actual store and there is no particular location where you can visit them in cases when you really want to speak to the staff or customer service representative face to face. As the conversation between you and the staff is through online means, you will find that the whole scenario lacks little professionalism. 


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