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TAL Insurance (Tower Australia)Insurance Company Description: TAL was originally known as the Tower Australia and was founded in 1869. From 1990, they started out in Australia and in 2006; there was the demerger from their businesses in New Zealand and this is when Tower Australia was formed. After the demerger, there was an exceptional growth in the company products and services and the annual profit growth showed an increase of 22%. It was only on October 2011, that Tower Australia renamed itself as TAL insurance. TAL has performed phenomenally well in the field of insurance domain and has recently been awarded with the ‘Life Company of the Year’ by AFA and the Plan for Life Awards in 2010 and in the same year, they were also conferred the Critical Illness Award by AFA. Some of the other awards that TAL has received are the Super Review, Australian Banking and the Money Magazine and the Finance Magazine.

Covers: The important insurance covers offered by TAL are the Life insurance, Funeral Insurance, Income Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and the TPD insurance.

Pros: One of the key aspects about TAL is that the offer life insurance products which are innovative and also are tailor made to match up to the requirements of the customers, shareholders and business partners. TAL focuses on offering several varieties of life insurance policies to the Australians so that they can choose which will work for them and their family. Customers are extremely satisfied with the work ethic displayed by TAL and the company makes sure that they offer the utmost financial well-being to their customers’ and also makes sure that their needs are satisfied. The customer representatives at TAL are very friendly and polite and attentively listen to your problems and offer solution to them. You can reach out to the staff at TAL for any queries regarding the insurance policy or with regards to your claims as well. Customers are quite satisfied with the TAL life insurance which also includes protection for your kids.

Cons: The brand ‘TAL’ has been in the market for a very short time and within this short period, it will be impossible to state how the company is doing and if the clients are satisfied with them or not.

Overall: In all, TAL looks extremely promising as an insurance company and seems to become quite successful in their venture. Before going in for any of their polices, do read through their Terms and Conditions properly. 

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