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Insurance Company Description: Suncorp has established itself as the largest insurance group in Australia and it has achieved great success in the area of general insurance as it offers a wide range of outstanding personal and commercial insurance brands. Some of the brands under Suncorp which have gained considerable popularity in offering innovations in the insurance field are AAMI, GIO, Vero, Apia and Shannons. Suncorp has turned into the biggest brand which deals with compulsory third party insurance. This insurance firm services at least 570,000 customers in New Zealand and Australia and has at least 1100 employees.

Covers: There are wide number of insurance covers offered by Suncorp which are in the area of home insurance, car insurance, CTP insurance, boat insurance, content insurance, travel insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, business insurance, transit and storage insurance.

Pros: Suncorp is known for offering outstanding services and they are very friendly and helpful in their approach and they will help you in all the possible ways for offering you the quote or for taking up a premium of your choice. They offer policies at economical prices compared to the other insurance companies. Damages on cars are given great priority and the repairs are done in a quick manner and during damages, Suncorp makes sure to offer hired cars to the clients so that their daily routine is not disrupted.

Cons: Major part of the complaints against Suncorp is the fact that the promises made by the staff are not fulfilled which includes approval of the claims, etc. The staff is also not punctual in returning phone calls which makes the client agitated as they do not understand how their claim is proceeding and how long will it take for the claim amount to reach them. Several investigations are conducted before a claim is processed and the intense investigation part is not liked by the people and they feel like the investigation process makes them feel that they are criminals. Also, the premium offered by them increases every year without prior notification.

Overall: Suncorp is definitely an outstanding establishment in the insurance field and it has captured great recognition and appreciation for its work. However, as it is a huge company it is not possible to please all the customers and clients should realize that Suncorp has created its own stand in today’s market for safeguarding your property and assets which is the reason for the growing customer base of this firm.


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