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Southern Cross Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description:  One of New Zealand’s top insurance providers, Southern Cross, is a corporation which is not running for profit and offers a great variety of services related to the health arena. There are two separate institutions in the Southern Cross Healthcare Group, one is the Southern Cross Medical Care Society and the other is the Southern Cross Health Trust and both the businesses operate separately. Southern Cross was initially started by a group of Auckland businessmen in 1950 and this was the time when the Southern Cross Medical Society opened up. This not-for-profit organization became the biggest consumer cooperative in New Zealand which is the Southern Cross Medical Care Society. In fact, statistics confirm that everyone in few new Zealanders go for a Southern Cross Insurance policy which is a very appealing fact. This insurance company owns the biggest network of hospitals and also works for businesses that have only five employees. This company is APRA and ASIC regulated and the company also pays claims from customers for unexpected injuries that might take place during vacations.

Covers: Southern Cross Insurance mainly covers travel insurance which includes 24/7 crisis assistance, medical assistance for coming back to New Zealand, personal liabilities, excess rental car coverage, expenditure for hospitalization in a foreign country, medical expenditure and evacuation expenses caused due to terrorism, lost personal items and travel documents coverage, coverage for missed travel connections, etc.

Pros: One of the most important factors which make Southern Cross Insurance so popular is the speed in which it pays out claims to its customers. As it is a web-base insurance company, the ease of access offered by Southern Cross Insurance to its clients is simply outstanding. The website is well-maintained with hardly any downtime and can be accessed at any time of the day as per our convenience. The telephone support is outstanding especially for clients who are on foreign travel. Customers can easily get quotes online and these are much cheaper than the other popular insurance companies. One of the biggest advantage of going for Southern Cross Insurance is that they help you to act in the right manner in the case of lost passports and other important travel documents

Cons: Clients constantly complain about the poor email support offered by Southern Cross Insurance and most of the customers state that they have to wait for a couple of days to get an answer to their queries.

Overall: If you are a person who travels a lot, then Southern Cross is the right answer for you and you can do everything from their online website without having to visit their office. It would be better that before you accept a policy, you must read through the terms and conditions carefully and in case, you have any doubt at any point, you must ask for help before going for the policy.


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