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Insurance Company Description: The purpose behind the formation of Shannons is that it likes to take care of the needs and requirements of car enthusiasts. It was established way back in 1970 by Robert Shannon and the company helps to insure cars of high performance, classic, vintage, modified and even the other cars and motor vehicles. Shannons offers tailor-made insurances to their customers which are constructed in such a manner wherein which emphasis is given on meeting the requirements of the clients. Shannons has established itself as a fine insurance company and it operates in almost all the capital cities. It is a division of the Promina Group and is underwritten by Australian Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd. Shannons have organized the largest auction of collectable cars in Australia.

Covers: Shannons is known for offering amazing insurance policies in the field of car insurance, bike insurance, contents insurance and home insurance.

Pros: Shannons has gained its popularity as it is known to insure almost all kinds of cars. This is a great relief to the customers as they can insure their special cars without having to pay any extra. They offer several options regarding the insurance renewals through a number of notices which is very helpful to the customers. Their customer service is appreciated for its promptness and friendly nature. They are extremely efficient in their work and they go out of their way to help the clients. Most of the customers are quite satisfied with the customer services offered by Shannons.

Cons: The prices on the policies are found to be quite high than that of the other insurance companies. You need to go through the policy carefully and understand that Shannons does not cover for a lot of injuries. Customers are of the view that Shannons takes a long time to pay up for car and home damages. If your car or home has been damaged for the first time, then making them pay up for the same seems easy. But, for the second and third time, they have a lot of formalities and a number of investigations are carried out for this purpose. Customers have reported that many a times they had to wait at least two months for their car to get repaired which affected their day to day routine.

Overall: As a conclusion, it can be added that Shannons has received a number of positive reviews for their outstanding work and service.


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    • Jayne
    • April 27, 2016

    i need a quote for a HQ monaro rebuilt from ground up

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