SGIO Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: SGIO is a Western Australian Insurance firm which has been formed right back in the 1926 Goldfields and it has served Australians for several decades now. They have a good understanding of what Western Australians are looking for. They greatly support the Western Australian community and they are known for sponsoring the West Coast Eagles for a long time. They have become the prime insurers of the state and have offices spread out in Perth CBD, Kalgoorie, Bunbury, Mandurah and Busselton. SGIO works in such a manner through which it aids customers to understand about insurance and offers the chance to make selections in a very simple manner.

Covers: SGIO Insurance offers covers in car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, business insurance, farm insurance, travel insurance and caravan insurance.

  • They offer cheaper quotes and one thing customers like about SGIO is that they can easily apply for a policy.
  • SGIO also offers its clients a bonus of ten percent when they purchase multiple policies. Customers highly appreciate the customer support service of SGIO and with their focus of offering information in an easy way; they have been able to gather customers from the countryside as well.
  • They are known to handle claims in an easy and fast manner. In case, the damage to your vehicle is due to natural causes, SGIO works in quicker manner and the processing of the claim is done quite faster. Several payment options are offered by SGIO such as bank transfer and cheque as well.
  • They also offer several extras like they will hire you a car if your car is involved in a road accident so that you can carry on with your activities.


  • Some customers are unhappy with the increase in price of ten percent; however, considering the market inflations, the price jump does not seem to be too bad. Customers are of the view that care repairs are not done in a good fashion as it is noticed that there are lumps of paint in the car and sometimes the damaged parts are not replaced.

Overall: SGIO offers great insurance covers to Australians and this is the reason why this firm has gathered fame and appreciation from the clients. However, it would be a good idea to read through the Product Disclosure Statement as all the policies offered by them do not work for all.


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    • Rose Miller
    • January 23, 2018

    SGIO need to update there pages as still says they have offices in Mandurah,Bunbury etc.Have been trying to find out where the nearest one to Mandurah is.

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