RACV Insurance Reviews

RACV insurance reviews

Insurance Company Description:

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) is a company engaged in providing diversified products and services to its members. The company was incorporated on December 1903 by a group of motoring enthusiasts inAustralia. Based on its goals and objectives, the company continually grows through the years.

Insurance Covers:

With its commitment to deliver high quality products and services to its clients, RACV becomes a one-stop-shop provider of insurance and financial services. To name a few, you can get the following products and services from RACV: motor vehicle insurance, home and contents insurance, boat, caravan and trailer insurance, landlord insurance, farm and business insurance, home security, financial services and personal loans. Just name what you need and RACV will provide.


Being a one-stop-shop for insurance needs, RACV gives many benefits and advantages to its members and clients. RACV is undoubtedly popular for its emergency roadside assistance, driving instructions and technical advices given to its motorist members. To give a complete service, RACV also engage its members on dealing with global issues regarding petroleum prices and safety measures on the road. Aside from providing quality insurance, RACV also manages lifestyle clubs and high-end resorts, which RACV members could take advantage of. The company provides perks and discounts to its members when availing services on the clubs and resorts under RACV management.


So far, the only downside attributed to RACV, is its quoted price. It may be true that the company’s price is higher compared to its competitors, but clients and members of RACV get more than what they pay for. In the insurance industry, paying for a premium is about the value of what you are covering for. So, if you want to get a more secured insurance for your home or for your car, pay the price for quality service. And RACV is clear on that.


As a whole, buying insurance should be based on a decision that has been carefully analyzed. As a piece of advice when choosing provider, “choose only the best in the industry”. Choose the one that has been there over the years and has proven successful record. With RACV, it is quite obvious that the company’s existence in the industry is a proof in itself of its success in providing quality service. Another thing to remember is to keep yourself guarded from the fine print of insurance policies before signing a contract. Read all the terms and conditions stated on the insurance policy and make sure that your chosen insurance will provide everything that you need.

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