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Insurance Company Description: RACQ is the short form for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland and it came into existence in 1905 with just a total of 12 members. Now, the company has turned into the best motoring organization of the nation and it has more than 1.2 million members with it. The benefits offered by RACQ is in the fields of travel, motoring and includes various other benefits as well. It is also known to offer 24 hours roadside assistance which is a great feature of RACQ. The firm has gathered various awards over the years and has become one of the trusted insurance companies of Australia. Several other insurance products apart from car insurances are also offered by RACQ and it also operates as an enthusiasts club as well and offers extensive car related services and information.

Covers: Although RACQ started with motor insurance, it has now extended its expertise into other areas such as Comprehensive Third Party, Home Insurance which also includes pet insurance. The other types of insurance offered by RACQ include caravan insurance, trailer insurance and boat insurance as well.

Pros: RACQ is known for offering reasonable policies which can be afforded by one and all. This insurance company has been known to keep up to their word and their service are standard and up to the mark. RACQ is also known for offering great benefits and discounts to their long-term members which includes shopping discounts. RACQ is known for having staff members who are extremely friendly and polite to the customers. They are informative and offer the full details regarding the policies and premiums through the telephone.

Cons: Although RACQ has been in the market for quite some time, yet there are number of complaints from customers that suggest that the services provided by RACQ are quite sluggish. Customers feel that at times, the staff does not show much interest in your queries and many a times, the claim processing takes a long time, although such scenarios are not so common. Customers are of the view that the staff does not give them updates about their queries which is quite unprofessional on their part. Clients are also not quite satisfied with the repairer and they feel that the repairing is done in a cheap manner. Also, one important thing customers should take into consideration is that RACQ does not cover all the aspects of our property.

Overall: Despite all its disadvantages, RACQ is still a very reputed insurance firm which is known for its professionalism and standard.


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