RAA Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: RAA was set up in 1903 and it has a long history of serving South Australians and residents of Broken Hill for their motoring needs. This South Australia based company has more than 100 years of customer service. RAA was initially an agency and it was transformed into a general insurance firm in the year 1987.  The insurance products offered by RAA can be purchased at any of the offices present in the regions of South Australia and Broken Hill.

Covers: The products and services offered by RAA Insurance are Car Insurance, Home and Contents Insurance which includes cover for Caravan and Trailer, Boat Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance.


  • The rates and quotes offered by RAA Insurance are competitive and the procedure to get a quote or apply for the services is quite simple. You need not have to worry about remembering to pay for your premiums as they will automatically debit the concerned amount through direct debit facilities.
  • In case of damage to your car or home, RAA Insurance sees to it that the damage is taken care of as quickly as possible. Certain customers have reported that in the case of roadside collision the claims were taken care of in a week’s time. The staff is polite and understanding and offers you the maximum help regarding your queries or claim.
  • You are given the option to choose the repairer and in this manner you can ensure that decent repair is done to your property. In all, RAA Insurance can be described as trustworthy and reliable.

Cons: One of the biggest disadvantages going for RAA Insurance is that they invest in repairing your car up to a certain amount. If the repair of your car exceeds that amount, then the entire process will take a long time. There are times when your case is suspended as well. Many clients have also complained regarding the fact that their car’s value was dropped to half its worth, which most of the customers find it difficult to digest. Sometimes, RAA Insurance also uses the red book dealer purchase prices which are quite unacceptable to the clients.

Overall: In an overview, it can said that RAA Insurance is definitely a reliable insurance firm which is known pay for claims in a timely manner. However, clients are a little concerned about the devaluation aspect of their car. When you sign up for an RAA Insurance policy make sure that you are aware of the word usages and Terms and Conditions mentioned in the policy.



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