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QBE Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: QBE has been in existence for the past 125 years and has conquered the position of the largest international insurance company in Australia. The company has at least 50 offices in Australia and the constantly growing clients of this insurance company are simply amazing. The QBE group has attained the position of becoming one amongst the top 25 insurance groups in the world. As this is a huge establishment, there a wide range of products and services that QBE offers its customers.

Covers: Amongst the wide variety of services offered by QBE, the important categories are the Motor Insurance, CTP or the Comprehensive Third Party Insurance , Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Business insurance, Property Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Liability Insurance, Marine Insurance, Travel Insurance, Farm Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Boar Insurance and Mortgage Insurance.

Pros: The primary advantage of being associated with QBE is that their quotes are quite economical especially on their comprehensive policies. The staff members that make up QBE are quite friendly and they are patient to listen and deal with customer problems. The processing of the claims does take place in a fair manner but they are also processed fast enough for the customers. In case your asset is damaged, QBE gives you the chance to opt for the repairer of your liking. Most of the customers regard QBE as a reliable firm and the increasing number of clients with QBE is a strong indication that this organization is definitely making the right moves towards customer satisfaction.

Cons: Poor communication between the firm and the clients is the major source of dissatisfaction amongst the customers. Clients are told that their call will be returned but unfortunately, it never happens. Customers are of the view that it will not be a great idea to insure an older vehicle with them as it will not be advantageous in the end. The processing time of old customers is also a great disadvantage of QBE.

Overall: There is no doubt that QBE is indeed a very prominent company in Australia and its competitive quotes for premiums and policies indeed points to its increasing popularity amongst users. It is mostly liked by customers as you have the freedome to insure almost all kinds of assets. You need to make sure that you read through the fine prints before you a sign up for a QBE policy which will help you to get well-versed with the terminologies in the insurance sector.


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