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Insurance Company Description: Prosure Insurance is an insurance firm for pets and this is sponsored by Provet. The motto of Prosure Insurance is to help the owners have support when their pets are in a medical situation. The firm is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Company and is administered by PetSure Pty Ltd. Provet was initially started by a group of veterinarians and it has gradually turned into the largest veterinary distributor in Australasia. Provet has more than 300 staff attached to it and the company specializes in offering valuable services to the clients who are in the vet industry. Prosure Insurance has attained the status of being one of the leading firms of Australia which offers health insurance policies for pets and they specialize in the pet health insurance administration aspect.

Covers: Prosure is an insurance company that offers pet insurances such as dog insurance and cat insurance.


  • Prosure offers its customers a relatively easy system which can be used for signing up for insurance policies. All you need to do is sign up on the company website and you will be surprised to learn that you can get quotes in an instant and all you need to do is answer a few questions.
  • Prosure is famous for offering policies at modest prices which are cheaper compared to the policies offered by the other pet insurance companies.
  • The customer service representatives seem to have thorough knowledge about all the facts and they offer the right information to the customers. There have been cases wherein which Prosure was quick to act in favor of the clients and thus the pet gets saved in due time without any financial burdens to the owners.

Cons: One of the common complaints received against Prosure is that before they offer you the quote, they ask several questions which are quite embarrassing for the customers as they feel their privacy is not respected. Some of the documents which are asked while signing up for the policy include the financial statements and sometimes they also inquire about the history of the pet. Some customers have also reported that the staff and customer service representatives of Prosure promise to return calls but they never do it which adds the characteristic of sluggishness in their work.

Overall: In all, Prosure has captured a good standing in the market of pet insurances and has a long list of happy customers to add to their list. Reading through the policy carefully before signing up for one would be a good idea.

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