Progressive Direct Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: Progressive Direct is a renowned car insurance firm and it is extremely popular in the United States insurance market however, it has been a part of the Australian market for only a few years. Progressive Direct works in a very special manner wherein which they have put together their expertise and experience with the current systems and technologies and they work in such a way that they offer the lowest available premium rates to their customers. Thus, Progressive Direct strives to offer high quality car insurance facilities to clients at surprising low costs.

Covers: Progressive Direct is only known to offer car insurances to customers.

Pros: More than 95% of the customer reviews on Progressive Direct states that the customers have been extremely happy with the facilities and services offered by this insurance firm and most of the feedbacks received for Progressive Direct are positive in nature. The company is known for offering the best quotes to the clients and they are also known for offering great comprehensive quotes as well. Customers are very much satisfied by the friendly and polite staff and customer service members and they have good knowledge of insurances, policies and premiums offered by the company and thus, they offer accurate information to client queries. They are easy to reach out and talk to and depending on the kind of vehicle you own, they might offer you high discounts which is extremely favorable to the customers. The claim processing time is quite fast and during the times of damages to your car, it has been observed that staff members express sympathy towards your situation and make sure that your claims are processed as soon as possible.

Cons: One of the major negative points regarding Progressive Direct is the fact that in case the damage to your vehicle was caused by you, then the firm is surely not going to accept your claim, even if there is another vehicle involved in the entire situation. When you apply for your claim, several examinations are carried out on your damaged vehicle and the result of the evaluation is shared with you only after several months. According to Progressive, there are certain situations in which we would not cover your claim. Please review the list of cover exclusions in their Product Disclosure Statement on pages 9-11 to ensure that you would not have trouble should a claim arise.

Overall: In all, Progressive Direct is very well known for its customer friendly attitude and services and it is extremely loyal to its clients. However, understanding your policy is a must before you sign on the policy form.



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