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Insurance Company Description: Petsecure Insurance seems to be an altogether different kind of insurance firm as their focus is to provide the right arrangement for pets such as dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in the form of pet insurances. Petsecure is proud to be a part of the topmost pet insurers of Australia and their experience in this arena is greatly appreciated. The choice of most of the pet owners for pet insurances is definitely Petsecure especially due to the special facilities offered by this company.

Covers: As the name suggests, the insurances covered under Petsecure are pet insurance such as dog insurance, puppy insurance, cat insurance and kitten insurance.

Pros: The prime reason for most of the pet owners signing up with Petsecure is that they have policies for life that covers all the illnesses of your pet. You need to buy this policy before your pet turns 8 years, to avail its full advantages. This policy also covers for all kinds of accidents that can occur in the day-to-day life of a pet. Under this insurance company, customers need to pay the excess only once in a year.  The claims given by customers are taken care of in a timely manner and they can be processed anywhere between a week to a month, but in busy season, the processing of the claims take a longer time.

Cons: Some customers are of the view that the company did not live up to the expectations they had created in the standard policy of the firm. Clients also feel that over the years, Petsecure changes the terms of their policy in their favor and thus claim requests are not easily processed by the company. The response regarding Petsecure is definitely mixed and is a combination of almost equal amount of positive and negative feedbacks. Clients feel that the policy put forth by Petsecure looks great on paper but does not work well in reality. In fact, clients found that the policy covers only the ongoing and chronic health condition of the pets.

Overall: It is not a bad idea to join Petsecure since there are certainly great advantages from using this pet insurance. However, you need to carefully go through and understand the Product of Disclosure statement and the Terms and Conditions before you take up a Petsecure policy. In case of doubts, you can get in touch with the customer service representative who will be able to help you out in this matter.


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