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Insurance Company Description:  Pets display immense love, affection, caring and loyalty and when they get sick, it is a really hard time for us. Sometimes, pets need to go in for surgery which becomes extremely difficult on us as the surgery may involve thousands of dollars. It is the time when PetCover Insurance comes into the picture. PetCover Insurance has offered a great option to deal with such hard financial decisions involving your pets whereby which they offer to pay the vet’s bills for your pet which will in turn cover for your accident or illness. PetCover Insurance is a very popular insurance firm in Australia which is known for its outstanding work in helping out people who have furry friends.

Covers: The main types of coverage offered by PetCover Insurance are pet insurances which are cat insurance and dog insurance.

Pros: Pet owners’ who have tried out PetCover are extremely happy with the results and they confirm that PetCover definitely stands up to the promise made by them. Most of the customers are extremely satisfied by the work put out by them and confirm that the claims made by them are treated in a fast manner. Some of the claims were fulfilled in as much as two weeks which is simply incredible. The customer service representatives and the staff members are quite affectionate towards pets. They are helpful and polite and provide you with the necessary details and information which will in turn help you to make your decisions about the kind of policy and premium which will work the best for you. The policy types offered by them are mostly beneficial to almost all kinds of pet owners. There is no need to visit the company’s office to get a quote as you can easily get them through the phone or even by browsing through the company’s website. Pet owners are happy with the various benefits offered by PetCover such as vet fees, covers for tick and even on certain excesses.

Cons: One of the most common complaints on PetCover is regarding its policy pricing. PetCover is certainly an expensive pet insurance firm when compared to the other kinds of pet insurances that are available in the market. However, you will be surprised to learn that the staff members are willing to give you discounts if you ask them about it. Some pet owners are not happy with the lower coverage limit for a year being a maximum of $7500.

Overall: PetCover has certainly carved its niche in the pet insurance field and although the company is a small one, yet it is extremely reliable and pays its claims in a timely manner.


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