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Peoplecare Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: People Care Insurance has been created with a single focus of providing all the insurance needs of their customers in a very simple and easy manner so that they can relate to it. This health insurance provider is a not-for-profit organization and offer personalized yet flexible health insurance plans to the users. The organization provides their customers with several options to choose from while taking out a policy. Customers can visit the People Care Insurance website and can easily browse through the various insurance plans that are offered by them and they can easily buy the perfect insurance according to their budget.

Pros: The amazing benefits offered by People Care Insurance is the main reason why customers are extremely satisfied with the services offered by them. Some of the benefits offered by the firm include physio, optical and chiro as well. There is ambulance cover offered in all the policies taken out from People Care Insurance which is like an added advantage. In order to help policyholders, the People Care Insurance is arranged to more than 21,000 doctors and around 500 private hospitals which can be made use of while in medical emergencies. There are several kinds of covers that are offered by People Care Insurance and they mostly suit the budget and demands of most of the customer groups like the singles, couples, families, etc.

The customer service of People Care Insurance is very efficient and their focus is to take a customers’ call within three rings. They also offer extremely quick reply to your email queries that too within four hours of receiving your email which is remarkable. You can easily get quotes on the policy either by visiting the website or through the phone. Excesses on the policy are free for children under the age of 21 which is an added advantage of being a part of the People Care Insurance family.

Cons: Although People Care Insurance strongly claims that their website is easy to use, however, customers do find it hard to maneuver the company website to get vital information regarding their policy. Most of the customers are concerned that the Product of Disclosure is rather hidden on the website.

Overall: The People Care Insurance is a highly reputable and genuine insurance provider who creates insurance plans which fits in with the lifestyle and needs of most of the users.


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