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Insurance Company Description: OnePath can be defined as a chief provider of insurance, wealth and advice solutions in Australia and it have been helping Australians to secure their assets for the last 130 years. OnePath is now a subsidiary of ANZ Bank and works as a branch of ANZ’s specialist wealth business. This insurance firm was initially named as the Mercantile Mutual and then it came to be named as ING Australia and lastly, the firm was titled as OnePath. This insurance firm is proud to offer various kinds of wealth and insurance products and they offer the best financial solution to the clients. The company believes in operating at high level of standards and it aims at meeting corporate accountability.

Covers: OnePath is known for offering amazing insurance coverage in the arena of life insurance, home insurance, income protection insurance, car insurance, landlord insurance and travel insurance.

  • OnePath is known in the insurance field for offering premiums and services at competitive prices and rates.
  • The prices are quite modest compared to the premiums offered by other insurance companies of Australia. Some customers claim that they sometimes have to pay lesser than what was quoted to them earlier.
  • You can easily apply for their premiums and services by visiting the company website and there are onscreen prompts which will guide you properly.
  • If you are not in a position to pay the premium in a lump sum, you can also choose to pay the same in a monthly manner. In case of damages to your insured assets, OnePath makes sure that claims are processed timely and many customers have reported that their claims were processed in a week.


  • The major disadvantage of using OnePath is that there is no hotline number for the company to which customers can reach out to during emergencies. This is a great inconvenience to the customers since if something happens to their property during the holiday season, then it will take a long time before the claim gets approved.
  • Customers also often complain that the staff gives them wrong information about their queries. There has also been cases were the customer is informed of a claim number which turns out to be invalid in the end.

Overall: OnePath has indeed turned into a reliable insurance company in Australia. Customers should understand that as it is quite huge, it may not be possible to satisfy all its clients.

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