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NAB Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: The National Australia Bank (NAB) Insurance is one of the largest financial firm of the nation and it has over 40, 000 people who work from 1,800 service centres and branches and they take care of at least 460,000 shareholders which certainly proves t hat NAB Insurance does handle considerable part of the insurance  market in Australia. NAB Insurance believes in offering hassle-free claims for its clients and it hopes to achieve this without the need of documents or application forms from the customer and at the same time, it does offer you 24/7 service so that they can cater to customers even if damages occur to them during holidays and weekends.

Covers: As NAB insurance is vast organization, there are several categories of policies offered by them which falls in the departments of home insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, landlords insurance, travel insurance, loans insurance, life insurance, health insurance and business insurance as well.

Pros: The best part of being associated with NAB Insurance is that the customer service is excellent and the staff are genuine and helpful and in helping you to claim your damage. Most of the times, the claim is covered in a few weeks time which is one of the prime factors why customers opt for NAB Insurances. If you ask for quotes, the customer service representatives can ask you to either sign up or they can also provide you the quote then and there itself. Signing up on the NAB Insurance official website entitles you to various bonuses and discounts. Customers are also provided with special promotions during festive seasons and clients can relax that everything is handled without much paperwork. Many of the customers go in for NAB Insurance policies as there is the provision of going up for fortnightly payments which is extremely convenient for those who cannot pay their premium every week.

Cons: one of the major drawbacks of NAB Insurance is that people find it a little expensive than that of the policies offered by other insurance companies. Clients also usually complain about errors that can happen on their website and with their computing system as well.

Overall: In all, NAB Insurance appears to be a reputed and responsible company in Australia and the company is well-known for offering valuable discounts and bonuses to the customers for purchasing policies through the online means. Before you sign up for a policy, it would be wise to get in touch with an insurance adviser who helps you with the fine prints of the policy in question.


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