NAB Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description:  The National Australia Bank offers insurance products in the name of NAB Insurance which is a simple and hassle free way to offer insurance services. NAB Insurance has a unique operational mechanism wherein which you can get immediate coverage without using any application forms. They offer cooling off period and also the option to pay in monthly installments which is a great advantage for people who cannot pay in lump sum. NAB Insurance is known for being dedicated in honoring claims and their hotline is available 24/7.

Covers: There is a wide list of services and products offered by NAB Insurance such as home insurance, car insurance, loan insurance, life insurance, contents insurance, travel insurance and business insurance. NAB Insurance also offers special offers wherein which they offer discount of ten percent to the customers if they register and buy a policy through the company’s website. But, there is a slight condition on this discount. If you are purchasing a number of policies, then you are offered multiple discounts, but from the second discount onwards it is applicable on the premium after the previous discounts have been applied to it. If the minimum premium of NAB insurance is more than the discounts, then the discounts will not be taken into consideration. The discounts can be changed any time without prior notice.

Pros: NAB Insurance has made its own mark in the field of insurance and is extremely popular for the various services and products which it offers customers. Customers are satisfied with the reliability of the firm and the products offered by them are liked by all. NAB Insurance makes sure that clients are treated with care and that their queries and problems are given due attention. The discounts offered on their special offers are very much liked by the customers especially when you are going in for just one policy.  NAB Insurance caters to the demands of the clients and this is the reason why this firm has become so popular in Australia.

Cons: Special offers that are provided by NAB Insurance has just one drawback wherein which the discounts on multiple offers does not seem to be a great criteria for going in for the insurance policy. The discounts offered by NAB Insurance are great but there is no guarantee on it and it is possible that they can change it at any time as per their convenience which is not a positive feature for the clients.

Overall: In all, it can be rightly said that NAB Insurance has its own niche in the insurance field in Australia. Its client base is really outstanding and it has definitely created a mark for its work. However, it would be wise to read through the Terms and Conditions part of the policy carefully so that you can get accustomed to the jargons in the insurance field. In case you have difficulty understanding the policy, it would be better to get in touch with an insurance adviser who will be able to counsel you properly in this matter.


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