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Insurance Company Description: Mutual Community Insurance is a branch of Bupa. Bupa is a very prominent healthcare organization of Australia and its present in each state and territory and has serviced more than three million Australians. Mutual Community Insurance is one of the most trusted and reliable brands of Australia and they have been offering quality services to Australians for more than 60 years. Mutual Community Insurance assures you that it will offer you policies at rates which are quite competitive when compared to the policies offered by other insurance firms in Australia.

Covers: Mutual Community Insurance offers covers for customers in the field of health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, caravan insurance, trailer insurance, boat insurance.


  • Mutual Community Insurance offers various channels of payment and if you choose billing of payment as instalments then, this is one of the insurance firms offering cheapest policies in Australia. Customer service representatives and staff are really passionate in your work and there is not much paperwork while getting a policy from this firm. You can be rest assured that you can get a quote and can apply for the policy all on the same day.
  • The decision of the choice of the repairer is on you for damages to your car or property. In case your claim is written off and is less than three years old, then you can be eligible for a new car.
  • Certain customers complain that their car got hit at the back without any fault from their side and Mutual Community Insurance makes sure that they sort out this matter and also makes sure that everything is taken care of in a few weeks’ time.

Cons: One of the common complaints experienced against Mutual Community Insurance is that they have several glitches regarding the processing of payments and it is found to be slow which irritates the customers.

Overall: Mutual Community Insurance has turned into a cheap and trustworthy insurance company and thousands of Australians are part of it especially because of its cordial staff and customer representatives who are quite eager to help their clients and they also help in solving customer problems. Keeping a keen eye on the Terms and Conditions and Product of Disclosure Statement is important as then you will not fall for any hidden catches. Also, in case you are not sure of any term or jargons, make sure that you get the help of the customer support who will help you with your queries.


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