MLC Insurance Reviews

mlc insurance reviews

Insurance Company Description: MLC was formed to take care of the wealth management division of NAB and it has more than 120 years of experience in the field of offering services like insurance, investment, superannuation and the retirement income solutions. MLC produces huge array of financial advisers who are specially trained to support customers for making financial decisions for the future. The years of experience that has been acquired by MLC has been helping Australians to create their financial security so that they can deal properly for the unanticipated events in life. They have been around from 1886 and it has been awarded with the AA rating from the International ratings agency Standard and Poor’s.

Covers: MLC mostly offers insurance solutions such as loan insurance, life insurance, personal insurance, contents insurance, home insurance, car insurance, group insurance and income protection.

Pros: Customers who have been using MLC for several years are extremely satisfied with the services offered by MLC. There are several benefits for being associated with MLC. They are one of the few insurance companies who try to keep you up with the market inflations and indeed offer you a better protection. The income protection from MLC is one of the highest when compared to the other insurers. Customers who own MLC personal insurance are offered an exclusive medical advice service which is one of the most innovative products of MLC. This service is available free of cost and offer great material on how to achieve a healthy living. Claims are quickly processed by MLC and the claim amount is sent to the customer within a very short period. Registering for a MLC insurance coverage is quite easy and just takes a matter of a few minutes. Customer service representatives are friendly and polite and are really keen on offering the right knowledge to customers. Financial advisers make sure that they direct the clients in the right direction.

Cons: If you visit the MLC website, you will find that most of the insurance listed on the webpage is actually a link to the NAB website. This causes confusion amongst the consumers and actually indicates that MLC does not offer these insurance protections.

Conclusion: MLC is a huge wealth management firm which has been known for offering the right insurance coverage to clients. They have been able to reach an amazing number of clients due to their professional approach and wide range of insurance products.



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