MBF Travel Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: MBF Travel has attained the status of being the best travelers insurance overseas and this firm has claimed more than 15 years of experience in the travel insurance field. Offering competitive packages to the clients is the foremost function of MBF Travel. This Australian health insurance provider has been servicing clients for more than 60 years and is claimed to be a very trusted and reliable health insurer. Bupa has taken over MBF Travel in the recent years. MBF Travel helps travelers by paying for lost baggage, missing travel documents, and also helps you out during hospitalization in a foreign country. Under certain special circumstances, MBF Travel also pays for cancellation expenditure. 

Covers: MBF Travel has gathered great expertise over the years in the fields of health insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

Pros: The best advantage of going in for MBF Travel insurance is that getting a quote from them is quite easy and simple and is an extremely straightforward process. Getting a quote or even buying a quote is relatively easy on MBF Travel as you can do the same through the phone or even through the company website. Most of the customers have confirmed that MBF Travel delivers the money claims in a very fast manner and they do it at a very minimal fuss. MBF Travel staff is extremely helpful and caring and treat the customers very kindly and patiently.

Cons: Some of the angry customers consider MFB Travel as their worst decision of their lives and they are not very much satisfied with this insurance firm. Clients state that the emergency customer service is extremely ineffectual and is not of any help. Staff members seem to be under trained and they tend to be of no assistance to the customers. They require several proofs and documents regarding hospitalization and are extremely strict in this matter. This slows down the entire claim process and customers are quite disappointed with the charges and fees that reach as much as up to $100.

Overall: MBF Insurance has certainly taken care of a large number of happy customers but it is disappointing to add that they have also made several bad deals. The wise thing to do while signing up for MBF Travel policies would be to get well-versed in the fine prints of the document and in case you do not understand any of the clause, it would be good to get in touch with an Insurance expert.


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