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Just Car Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: Just Cars Insurance has a different approach than the normal insurance companies and it was established in 1995. This car insurance company was mainly established to help young drivers and also the drivers of modified cars. The company understands the unique needs of this particular group of people and helps to make their life easier by offering car insurance policies that caters to the demands and needs of their special customers. They have been providing wonderful service for the past 15 years and offers product and services which meets the requirements of their customer group. The insurance policies offered from Just Cars are underwritten from the Australian Associated Motor Insurers, Ltd or the AAMI. They have a very select focus and this makes this insurance company a unique one in itself.

Covers: Just Cars are a high quality insurance company which offers comprehensive, third party property damage, third party plus Fire and Theft.

Pros: One important advantage of this insurance firm is that it will not turn down drivers who have less than a perfect accident record. Just Cars have become a very high-quality and economical insurance premiums and these policies offer insurance to the younger drivers and for striking cars for which the other insurance companies do not offer any policy. Their response time for investigations regarding accidents and approvals is very quick and this is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Just Cars. They offer car insurance policies to almost all the people even if you have extremely modified cars. Your quotes are delivered to you online which is a good thing. The customer online support is simply hassle free and is fast at the same time.

Cons: Some customers complain that in case you meet with a car accident, there is no customer support offered to you after 6 pm on the weekends.  If your car is damaged in an accident, the company asks you to list every modification excess in the damage as a high. The firm does not allow you to choose a repairer of your choice.

Overall: It can be rightly concluded that Just Cars is the most perfect insurance policy for young drivers as it is quite cheap and effective too. In fact, this insurance works best for drivers who are looking for a simple and cheap one. However, it would be better if you pay extra caution on reading the terms and conditions of the policy contract.


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