iTrek Travel Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: iTrek Travel Insurance is a company based in NSW and is popular for offering an amazing range of travel insurance for the exclusive use of long stay vacationers and backpackers. iTrek Travel Insurance is not sold through travel agents and hence when you buy this travel insurance, you actually save lot of money. iTrek Travel Insurance helps customers to reduce the avoidable overheads by fully operating online and in this  manner, they aid in enhancing the customer service level. Thus, iTrek Travel Insurance makes sure that they only offer the best insurance policies to you at the lowest prices which make this insurance firm different from others.  iTrek Travel Insurance is underwritten by the Chartis, American International Group which is one of the best brands in insurance and financial services all over the world.

Covers: There are several products offered by iTrek Travel Insurance which are backpacker insurance, family insurance, holiday insurance, international insurance, medical and health insurance, sports insurance, student insurance and direct insurance.


  • iTrek Travel Insurance aims at offering foreign travel cover that can fit almost all kinds of budget and covers. 
  • They are famous for providing policies which range from just a week to 18 months which is simply outstanding. Customers confirm that the claim process at iTrek Travel Insurance is extremely quick and they make sure that there are no problems for Australians when they are on their overseas travel. 
  • Different varieties of cover are offered by iTrek such as the Bronze cover which is mainly for the budget conscious and this cover includes medical treatments and also for liabilities in worst case scenarios. Platinum covers make sure that they cover for everything when you are enjoying on your holiday thus you can get the fullest of your trip without having to worry about anything. Getting a quote at iTrek is extremely easy as you can get a quote online and at the same time, this saves you a lot of time. The overseas medical cover in the insurance policy is a fine thing as this will cover a lot of medical situations.

Cons: Some customers are not quite happy with the customer service at iTrek and they are of the opinion that claims take longer than that has been advertised by the firm.

Overall: iTrek Travel insurance is a small firm which is trying to make its foundation in the Australian Travel Insurance market and the benefits of using iTrek is definitely a great help during international travel for the Australians.


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