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ING Insurance ReviewInsurance Company Description: Onepath is the new name of ING Life. This insurance firm was jointly owned by the ANZ Bank and the ING Group which is a Dutch based global financial services. In 2009, ANZ Bank announced the full ownership of ING Life and the insurance products from the company where then branded under the name of OnePath. This insurance company is the leading insurance provider in Australia and the company holds at least $40 billion in assets. The personal insurance options offered by ING Life can be purchased either through the company directly or from financial advisers. ING Life is also known for offering temporary insurance coverage especially in times when you are recovering from an injury or illness. Permanent insurance coverage from ING Life is also extremely beneficial and they offer the right financial security to you and your family. There are also personal insurance programs that are offered by them which can meet the special needs of the customers.

Covers: ING Life or OnePath is known for offering insurance covers such as Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Trauma Cover and Total and Permanent Disability Cover (TPD)

Pros: Customers greatly like the idea of the custom-made insurance policy options which is offered by ING Life as this insurance firm clearly understands that every insurance policy cannot suit the needs of each of their customers. They are known for offering various insurance policy options which are dedicated for safeguarding the health of you and your family in case of a medical situation. Customers are also given the liberty to go for full coverage options which will in turn simplify the premium rates and if you are an extremely budget-conscious person, you can go for the do-it-yourself insurance options. Customized plans are the most important feature of the income protection plan that is brought out by ING Life. The OneCare Income Secure Cover policies have received rave reviews and are liked by most of the customers as it clearly completes all the needs one looks forward to from an income protection insurance. They have also been smart in bringing out separate insurance policies for business owners.

Cons: Customers are a little dissatisfied with the slow customer service of ING Life. Claim process takes a long time and sometimes, the claims seems to be rejected for no particular reason.

Conclusion: ING Life or OnePath has indeed become the new face of Australia’s eminent provider of investment, insurance and retirement solutions.


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