HBF Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: HBF is proud to service more than 900,000 members and has supported the well being and health of Western Australians for more than seventy years. HBF entirely focuses on offering quality services to its members and statistics reveal that in 2009-2010, this firm approved health claims worth $876 million which means close to $3.4 million worth of claims for every business day. The company was initially named as the Metropolitan Hospital Benefit Fund and was set up in April 1941. HBF Insurance has indeed turned into one of the trusted and respected insurance company in Western Australia. It focuses on helping customers offer security to the health and assets of Western Australians. Members of this firm are offered several benefits if they join HBF Insurance.

Covers: HBF Insurance is known for providing policies in home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, contents and personal valuable insurance, trailer insurance, caravan insurance, life insurance and boat insurance.

  • Most of the customers are quite impressed with the quality of service and products offered by the company.
  • Their customer service is simple and they make sure that they clear the queries of the customer in an easy and humble manner.
  • You can easily get a quote and there is not much work involved in buying an HBF policy.
  • For damages on your property or vehicle, claims are easily approved. HBF insurance makes sure that they identify a local repairer who will help you out with the damages caused to your vehicle and they do this without charging you with any extra costs.


  • Complaints against HBF Insurance is mainly regarding the high prices on some of their policies.
  • Customers are also of the view that HBF pays only for some damages and not all. There is also a long waiting time required for a claim to get approved which makes it difficult for the individual to carry on with their daily life.

Overall: HBF Insurance is a very popular insurance firm in Western Australia and it has made its own niche in the insurance market in Western Australia. Although most of the claims usually get approved, yet there is no guarantee that all claims are accepted by the firm. Regarding the policies of other insurance firms, HBF rates are a little higher than the market rate. Going through the fine prints of the insurance policy is a must before you sign up for one.


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