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Insurance Company Description:  HBA Insurance is a part of Bupa which is a personal health insurer and the offices of this organization are available in every state of Australia. HBA Insurance offers health insurance of great quality to its clients and has offered a maximum number of insurance services and products to its customers. Bupa has serviced more than 10 million clients from all over the world and the offices are present in more than 190 countries. HBA Insurance offers great information and details in the health field and also provides online support to their clients.

Covers: HBA Insurance deals mainly with health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, caravan insurance, trailer insurance and boat insurance.

Pros: HBA Insurance is known for offering premiums at a much cheaper rate than the other insurance companies in Australia. Several discounts are also available to the members of HBA Insurance who are above the age of 25 years. Customer service representatives of HBA Insurance are extremely friendly with the clients and thus customers find that they can make claims quite easily with the firm and in this manner, the organization makes it sure that the money reaches the client as quickly as possible. In case of car insurances, the repairing of the car takes place in a faster manner and thus, your car stays in a good shape even after the repair. Customers are extremely happy with how the staff takes care of client’s queries and the staff makes sure that they offer good advice and information regarding the concerned situation.

Cons: One of the major issues with HBA Insurance is that they do not have an emergency assistance that works 24/7. Thus, in case of accidents or damage that occurs during the weekends or during the holidays, the customers cannot report the same until the next working day. The series of investigation from HBA Insurance before a claim is approved is quite intensive and requires all the required formal documents otherwise the claim process may take quite a long time to approve.

Overall: It is true that HBA Insurance is one of the trusted companies all around the world in the insurance field and majority of the claims are approved by the company. The firm is quite known for its helpful and polite staff and customer representatives and the only disadvantage is the absence of a 24 hours hotline that can be used during situations of emergency. In all, it is a wise idea to be insured with HBA Insurance which is a company that is trusted by one and all.


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