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Insurance Company Description: Guardian Life Insurance offers the chance to Australians to offer a diverse collection of personalized insurance products and services. Guardian Life Insurance is a part of the Hollard Group of Companies and this firm is actually the trading name for HFS or Hollard Financial Services. Guardian makes sure that life insurance is offered to customers in an easy and uncomplicated manner. This company was founded in 1999 and the main focus of Guardian Life Insurance is to make sure that the entire process of purchasing a policy is easy and comfortable to the clients. It offers a range of covers specifically for children, certain illness, accidents and disabilities as well.

Covers: Guardian Life Insurance offers several options, covers and benefits in the area of life insurance.

  • Customers find that becoming a part of Guardian Life Insurance is extremely easy and simple. The customer service line makes sure that they give top priority for queries from clients and offers them with the right information and details. They help you to identify the right plan that works for you and your family too and you can do this without having to fill any applications.
  • Staff is extremely passionate about their work and is trained to help the customers in the best way possible. Customers have reported that there have been incidents when the family gets a claim when the insured person of the family dies away and the claim was delivered to the family in the same week which helped them to cover the cost of the funeral especially during the difficult times.
  • Certain customers have also claimed that they were able to get their claim approved in the case of their child’s broken bones.


  • Customers have found that the customer support line at Guardian Life Insurance is quite slow and sluggish and the process of cancelling a membership seems quite a big problem as you need to remind them about your problem through several mails and phone calls.
  • They do not disclose the premium in the Product Disclosure Statement and they might not provide the same to you unless you ask for it.

Overall: In all, Guardian Life Insurance has made its own niche in the insurance market in Australia and customers are quite satisfied with the work ethics and reliability portrayed by this firm. However, the rates offered by Guardian Life Insurance on their policies are a little high than the other insurance companies. Reading through the Product Disclosure Statement is a must before you go in for a Guardian Life Insurance policy.

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