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GMHBA Health Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: GMHBA Insurance is a not-for-profit private health fund and it has more than 75 years of experience in the field of servicing customers with health insurance that is coupled with great customer service. There is always an affordable health insurance from GMHBA for you to suit your needs, whether you are single, married, have a family or are a couple. GMHBA Insurance was started in 1927 and has slowly become Australia’s prominent regionally-based health insurer.

Covers: GMHBA Insurance completely deals with private health insurance.

Pros: Most of the customers always commend GMHBA Insurance regarding the best customer service they have. The staff at GMHBA Insurance is extremely professional and is easy to work with. Clients also refer to GMHBA Insurance as a not-for-profit organization which offers financial security to Australians in a very simple and easy manner. The rate of premium is competitive and customers are also offered a rebate of at least 80% for platinum extras. Also, customers find the application process of buying a GMHBA Insurance policy to be fairly simple.

Cons: Some people are of the view that the health insurance policies offered by GMHBA Insurance are quite confusing and it becomes difficult for them to compare costs and product services. Although the premium rates are competitive, yet, they are not quite inexpensive and some people do find it to be costly. The claim process does take a lot of time to process and many a times the claims are rejected due to some hidden clause in the insurance policy. Customers do state that GMHBA Insurance policies are quite complicated and they cannot be easily understood by layman. It is hard to claim for dentist and optometrist visits.

Conclusion: In all, GMHBA Insurance is a promising insurance firm which has been trying to offer a secure financial future to their customers in all over Australia. However it will always be a good idea to completely read through the policy before you decide to buy one.



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