GIO Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: GIO Insurance has captured the title of becoming one of the foremost insurance firms in Australia which is known for its various insurance products. It was set up in 1927 and was named as the Government Insurance Office and it was established in the State of South Wales.  In 2001, Suncorp-Metaway obtained the insurance rights of GIO Insurance, which is amongst the top 25 companies of Australia.

Covers: GIO Insurance is known for offering a diverse variety of insurance covers to Australians and the main categories include car insurance, home insurance, income insurance, landlord insurance, boat insurance, caravan insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, and life insurance.


  • GIO Insurance has its own style of operation wherein which it offers charges, services and premium at a very reasonable rate, however, it is found to be a little higher from what the other insurance companies offer customers. However, the services and benefits of being associated with GIO Insurance makes one understand the little high prices offered for their policies. They make sure that the invoices are sent to them every month and there is no delay in this aspect.
  • Certain customers are also of the view that GIO Insurance is an amazing insurance firm which exceeds expectations and takes care of claim processes in a prompt manner.
  • GIO Insurance also offers clients the chance to choose their own repairer which is a great relief for the clients since they can be assured that their vehicle will be taken good care and will be repaired in due course of time.


  • Lack of knowledge on the part of the staff as well as the customer service representatives of GIO Insurance is the major complaint which has been heard from customers all the time. It seems that the customer service representatives are not trained properly due to which they are not able to satisfy the client’s queries or doubts in a proper manner.
  • As the customer service is a little below the average, customers are not quite satisfied with the fact that even for simple tasks such as cancelling of their policy, the procedure takes a long time than it should. However, in the recent times such incidents are becoming rarer. Clients speak that the customer service seems not to be understood and many times their request to speak to a person of higher authority was not satisfied.

Overall:  GIO Insurance has said to have its positive and negative factors and in all, it is a fine insurance company to be a part of.


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