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downunder travel insurance reviewsInsurance Company Description: Downunder Travel Insurance is known for offering economical insurance coverage with different choices and selection to Australians. The principle behind Downunder Travel Insurance policies is that the insurance coverage offered by them is very economical and also suits the budget of most of the backpackers.

Covers: Downunder offers exclusive range of travel insurance coverage for backpackers and other overseas travelers.

Pros: Downunder Travel Insurance offers unlimited medical cover to their members. They offer a luggage cover up to $5000 and a separate coverage on personal items such as computers, cameras and video recorders are also provided. Downunder Travel Insurance also provides $1000 for mobile phones and a total of $750 coverage on other personal items.

Some coverage in the form of snow and ski cover is also provided by this insurance firm. One of the specialties of Downunder Travel Insurance is that members are also up for cancellation cover of around $10,000. All members of Downunder Travel Insurance will definitely agree that this is definitely an affordable travel insurance which caters to the needs of the customers in the most budgeted manner. It allows customers to stay inside their budget while offering adequate facilities and cover.

This insurance is available for anyone who is under 65 years and the policy also can be used to insure children as well as grandchildren who are less than 21 years. Downunder Travel Insurance also makes available options for insurance extension which is subjected to certain conditions or under permission.

There is unlimited coverage available for overseas medical and hospital expenditure. There is an also limited dental expense which is provided by the company. Other forms of benefits from Downunder Travel Insurance includes hospital cash allowance, permanent disability, travel delay allowance, alternative transport expenses, personal liability, loss of income, etc. They are also known for offering coverage on several adventure sports and activities.

Cons: Customers are a little dissatisfied with the way Downunder Travel Insurance has maintained their website. They are of the view that the details regarding the insurance coverage is all over the website without proper arrangement or cohesion. Written communication from the company seems to be unprofessional and the comparison table which is present on the company website seems to lack accuracy.

Conclusion: Although there is slight customer dissatisfaction regarding the online presence of Downunder Travel Insurance, yet, it has created an own niche of itself in the domain of Australian insurance domain.


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