CUA Insurance Review

CUA Insurance ReviewInsurance Company Description: The CUA is popularly known as the Credit Union Australia and has emerged as the biggest organization in Australia which is a customer-owned financial entity. This company is not owned by shareholders but is run by customers. Thus, the main reason for the popularity of this company is that the profits made by it are actually shared amongst its customers.

Covers: The insurance coverage that are offered by this company includes home insurance, contents insurance, health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, landlords insurance, life insurance, personal insurance, business insurance, caravan insurance and motorcycle insurance which also includes boat insurance.

Pros: Most of the customers who are part of CUA Insurance are extremely happy with the amazing benefits and features of this organization. There are several options and alternatives to choose from which seems to satisfy the demands of most of the customers. For instance, in the case of car insurance policy, there are several covers that are offered to the customers and they can choose the one that works the best for them and their family in terms of requirements and budget as well. CUA offers insurance policies at affordable prices and thus, going in for CUA insurances is not an expensive affair. Also, CUA makes sure that discounts are offered to customers who buy multiple policies. Most of the customers like to go in for multiple insurances from CUA because they have a wide range of policies with several options. Most of the other insurance companies offer a cooling off period of a week whereas at CUA, it is a month which is extremely convenient for the customers. Also, the benefits regarding dental and optical is extremely good and most of the customers seem to be satisfied about this. Customers can either pay their premium on a monthly or yearly basis and there are no extra costs in this matter.

Cons: The main complaint from the customers of CUA is regarding the duties of a policyholder. It has been found that while going in for a customer insurance policy, the policyholder is supposed to declare even the criminal offenses which most of the customers found to be humiliating and embarrassing.

Overall: CUA has established itself as a highly esteemed insurance firm as it has become popular because of its customers. Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with the services of the firm and the fact that they give a percentage of their profits to the customer is a really great part of being associated with CUA.

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