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Cover-More Travel Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: Cover-More Travel Insurance was established in Australia way back in 1986 and the company operations are spread out not only in Australia but in New Zealand and the United Kingdom as well.  Cover-More travel insurance is underwritten by Munich Re Group, one of the largest insurance groups and leading risk carriers in the world. Cover-More entered into a long-term global underwriting arrangement with Munich Re in 2009. More than 210 people work for this company in Australia and more than 400 globally. All the staff members are specialized in travel insurance. Statistics state that at least one million travelers go in for the Cover-More Travel Insurance while they are on travel. Two important companies back Cover-More Travel Insurance, one is the Customer Care who is responsible for offering emergency help and then there is the Great Lakes Australia which is responsible for underwriting the claims.

Covers: Cover-More Travel Insurance, as the name suggests, exclusively offers policies in Travel Insurance.

Pros: Customers are quite satisfied with the facilities offered by Cover-More Travel Insurance which includes the firm’s experience in the travel insurance field for the past 25 years, having over ten million contented policy holders, the 24 hours assistance on emergency issues and a customer service team that operates 24/7. One of the most significant aspects of Cover-More Travel Insurance is that they have the finest staff representatives who are extremely patient in listening to client’s queries. Several customers have confirmed that they have received calls from the staff asking for medical help while they were on vacation. Insurance offered by Cover-More Travel Insurance is quite affordable by all and the quotes on the insurance can be provided to the clients through phone.

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Cons: One of the most common complaints which have been received from customers regarding Cover-More Travel is the absence of an actual address to contact them. Mails sent to the company are usually received in a lock bag mailbox and several important letters and queries are lost in the process. Some of the customers’ state that they couldn’t file for their claims since the required documents was lost during the mailing process. Also, clients should be aware of the fact that Cover-More Travel Insurance is not a big insurance firm and as some of their services are actually tied up with other insurance companies, the processing time for claims and repairs is actually increased.

Update: Cover-More Travel Insurance do have a permanent address: 60 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060. They do prefer claims to be sent to their mail box (Private Bag 913, North Sydney NSW 2060).

Overall: Although Cover-More Travel Insurance has received quite a lot of appreciation for the good work they have put in, but still many customers are unsatisfied with unprofessionalism and the time taken for the company to approve the claims. If you are low-risk traveler, then Cover-More Travel Insurance will certainly suit your needs.

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