Compare Pet Insurance

Pet insurancePets are special members of your family and it is important to compare pet insurance so that you will get the best veterinary services for your pets should they get ill or are injured. You may think that it is unnecessary for you to get insurance for your pests but just like health services for humans, getting veterinary services can be very expensive  thus you might be in for a surprise when it is  time for you to pay for your vet bills.  With a pet insurance policy, you will feel secured that your pets will receive the best possible care should your pets need it.

How Does Pet Insurance Policy Work?

Most pet insurances in Australia can cover up to 80% to 85% of the veterinary bills of your pets. Once you enroll your pets to an insurance policy, your pets are covered regardless of the age and the veterinary history of your pets.

There are two categories of the pet insurance and these include the non-lifetime and lifetime categories.  The first category of pet insurance covers the usual conditions suffered by your pets during the duration of the policy year. As the pet owner, you need to renew the policy after the duration of the policy and the condition that has already been claimed will be put in exclusion. However, should the pet needs treatment, you will need to pay for the veterinary bills  by yourself.  The second category covers the pet for ongoing conditions throughout its lifetime despite if the condition is pre-existing or has developed acutely after getting the policy. Thus if a condition has already been claimed on the first year, it can still be continued in the succeeding years.  On the other hand, different insurance policies have different coverage limits so it is important that  you understand the limitations of your policy.

To avail of the maximum coverage, you need to pay an annual premium of between $300 and $400. Similar to human health insurances, the younger your pets are at the time of the purchase of the policy, the cheaper the premium that you need to pay.

Glossary of Insurance Terms

  • Policy limits- the maximum lifetime benefit given by a particular pet insurance policy.
  • Exclusion- a condition or disease of your pet that is not covered under the pet insurance policy.
  • Deductible- an amount that needs to be paid by the policy holder to cover veterinary services prior to the pet insurance company paying the benefits.
  • Pre-existing condition- an illness or injury that has occurred before getting the pet insurance policy.