Compare Car Insurance

Car insurance is referred to as the policy which helps in offering coverage and protection to cars and other road vehicles. It is also known as auto insurance, vehicle insurance and motor insurance and it offers coverage against vehicle damages as well as against any harm to humans which can occur due to road troubles like traffic clashes.

Getting insurance for cars is an excellent choice if you want to evade burdens as this coverage is enough to repair your damaged vehicle and in all you can also reduce your stress in case of motor accidents. But, there are certain facts you need to understand about motor vehicle insurance.

Third Party Personal Insurance

The car insurance policies vary in every state of Australia. In the Southern part of Australia, the Third Party Personal Insurance is included by the Motor Accident Commission which includes the license registration charge for drivers who are over the age of 16 years and a system similar to this is also prevalent in the states of Western Australia. There is another kind of Third Party Personal Insurance which is levied by the Transport Accident Commission which emphasizes on road levy at the time of registration in case of vehicle fees. 

The Compulsory Third Party Insurance or CTP is a compulsory obligation in New South Wales for each and every car owned by the owner and hence, a motorist using his vehicle which is not insured under this unit is charged under the law. CTP is also known as Green Slip and has to be procured from licensed insurers such as Alianz, Suncorp, AAMI, etc. The binding requirement at the time of registration of your car in Queensland is a must. Motorists are free to choose insurance companies of their choice but the prices of the products are fixed by the government.

Third Party Personal Insurance only covers for personal injuries and liabilities and does not offer coverage for floods, fire, storm, collision, etc.

No Claims Bonus Protection (NCB)

NCB is short for No Claims Bonus Protection which includes payment on excess fees for the car damages suffered by your vehicle. This helps you to prevent the loss of extra money on car damages and depending on your claim, it can be reduced to 50% or 60%. Certain car insurance companies offer an added advantage of offering you NCB protection for life without any extra expense if you have not claimed NCB for the first two years or so.