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Insurance Company Description: CommInsure Insurance is a branch of the Commonwealth Bank Group and it has become the principal organization in the Australian insurance field. The name ‘CommInsure’ came into effect only in 1999 however, CommInsure Insurance has been in the Australian insurance market for more than 100 years. It was initially named as the Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society and was set up in the year 1873. The main area of focus of CommInsure is to make sure that comprehensive policies are offered to customers at affordable prices. In fact, its main aim is to preserve the lifestyle of the Australians by offering a diverse range of premiums at economical rates.
Covers: CommInsure is known for its products in home insurance, car insurance, life risk insurance, income protection insurance and trauma cover.


  • Customers are extremely happy with the responsive service, competitive products, simplicity and the thought of innovation which they have added in their services. Clients are of the view that it is easy to make claims in case of damage to their cars or homes and the claim amount is easily forwarded to you without any hassles and that too within a month.
  • Customer service is found to be very professional and informative about the services and products offered by the company and they offer you the quotes immediately and you can also apply for the policy on the same day which saves a lot of time for the customers.
  • There is no stressful paperwork or applications while signing up for the policy which is a great relief for the clients. CommInsure is quite popular for performing amazing repair on wrecked cars and are greatly appreciated for this. There was an incident wherein which CommInsure repaired a car which was in a road accident in just a week, which was certainly praiseworthy.


  • Some of the complaints that have been lodged against CommInsure is mainly on the fact that certain car accidents had to go through a long process of investigation before they were approved or rejected.
  • Customers feel that the long time taken for these claims sometimes turned into a waste of time. The customers have to follow up on the issue several times in order to understand what was happening with their claim.

Overall: There is no doubt that CommInsure has certainly proved to be an extremely friendly and trustworthy insurance firm. Most of the claims handled by the company are certainly appreciated for the professional manner in which claims are taken care of.

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