Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia Reviews

combined insurance reviewsInsurance Company Description: W.Clement Stone is the founder of Combined Insurance in 1922 and his story of creating this company seems to be like a legend. He started the company with a positive spirit and just $100. Combined Insurance and ACE Group of Companies work with a mutual commitment to help people with their insurance decisions and for reinsurance as well. The Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia Ltd was started in 1919 and it is a privately owned company under the Chartered Life Insurance Underwriters.

Covers: Some of the covers offered by Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia Ltd are Life Insurance Taxable, Life Insurance Ratings, Term Versus Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance Leads and China Life Insurance.

Pros: Customers like to be a part of the Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia as they understand the mutual commitment of the company towards its policyholders. Exciting growth and development opportunities lies in front of all the policyholders of Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia. The company also makes sure that they suitably award clients who have been loyal with the company. Timely payment of claims is the motto for Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia and they strive hard to achieve this. The customer service representatives of the company are smart, polite and well-informed and they help customers with their problems and queries. The motto of this insurance firm is to offer the necessary benefits to the customers when they require it the most, especially in the case of illness or accidents. Most of the insurance companies can leave you with out of pocket expenses which is uncovered during times of medical emergencies. Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia makes sure that it helps people during times of medical emergencies in the best way possible without having people to worry about the sudden expenditure. Most of the customers speak about the simplicity of the insurance plans offered by them which is easy to understand by the layman. They offer each of their clients’ policies by understanding their current needs and future requirements and present them with the right coverage which is suitable for their family.

Cons: The speed in which the customer claims are dealt is met with strong disapproval from the customers. Many a times, clients are unaware about the status of their claim.

Conclusion: Combined Life Insurance Company of Australia is one of the trusted insurance brands in Australia. It has a growing customer base and policyholders are at full advantage when they deal with such a dignified insurance company. However, to be on the safe side, customers should read through the policy document and the contract carefully before signing it.



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