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Coles Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: Wesfarmer’s Group of Companies is extremely popular in Australia as it is one of the biggest retailers in the nation dealing with a million customers from time to time. Coles offers car insurances and home insurances at extremely affordable prices and of the best quality too. They have 2200 retail outlets all over the country which is also inclusive of 620 Express outlets.

Covers: Coles Insurance mainly deals with car insurance and home insurance.

Pros: Clients like to be a part of Coles Insurance as it is a very simple and easy firm. The protection offered by this insurance company is simply awesome and it has been regarded as a very trusted brand in Australia. The staff of this firm is definitely obliging and loving and that makes the whole difference to the customers. They treat customers extremely well and go through the entire process of explaining special plans by offering quotes without any paperwork. Most of the customers are happy that they receive their claims in time which is the most important thing of getting associated with Coles. Coles Insurance triples the standard 4c Coles fuel discount and also in the triple FlyBuys points which is of great help to the customers.

Cons: One of the most prominent complaints which has been received from the customers is that the company has to been very professional in their approach towards clients. Customers feel that they are not quite consistent and every consultant has a different story to tell. Clients also feel that the staff never returns a call even if they say they would. This ends up in a lot of time wastage which is not at all liked by the customers. However, the quality of the customer service is getting better now. The claims take a long time to be finalized in the busy season which is a lot of time wastage for the clients. As a customer who is going for claims, you should make sure that you have all the confidential documents in hand so that your claims can be processed quickly.

Overall: In all, it can be concluded that Coles Insurance Company is one of the reputed firms in Australia and there are several positive feedbacks and comments which have been received from customers that strongly point that this firm is a great one to do business with. There are several bonus FlyBuys points and fuel discounts that the customer can avail by being a part of Coles Insurance.

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    • Craig M
    • April 18, 2018

    We damaged our motor to avoid a serious accident as we were sliding down a hill sideways in a storm and Coles spend countless dollars sending our car by tow truck to experts to avoid the claim.

    Whilst in their care a rat got into the car and chewed through the seats and head liner and mats as well as urinated everywhere, the car interior is ruined.

    We were away, when we returned there was a dead rat in the car and the interior was ruined. Rang Coles and was told they don’t cover animal damage, even if it was caused by them. They actually told me their reparers and tow truck are secure sterile environments with no rats so they won’t accept the claim.

    After demanding they take the claim they did after 85 minutes on the phone, but the girl hinted I am wasting my time.

    We have several policies we are changing away from them this week and will be lodging a complaint

    What a horrible company, they seem totally focused on avoiding claims, no matter who is at fault or how genuine they are. I fully regret having policies with them.

    Definitely would not recommend.

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