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Insurance Company Description: CGU Insurance has been with the Australians for more than 160 years now and it is known for offering comprehensive products that are in the commercial, personal, rural and the worker’s compensation insurance requirements which is simply outstanding. CGU Insurance is also known for being the leading intermediary based insurers in Australia and they are supported through the network of business partners and insurance advisers who make it possible to get the services throughout the nation. Most of the policies have been tailor-made to meet the customer’s insurance requirements. CGU Insurance has made the entire concept of premium understandable to the Australians and their dedication is simply praiseworthy.

Covers: CGU Insurance is known for offering Australians with insurance policies such as home insurance, car insurance, landlords insurance, residential strata insurance, caravan insurance, boat insurance, travel insurance, recreational horse insurance, business insurance, professional risks insurance, farm insurance, construction and machinery insurance, marine insurance, motor trades insurance, corporate insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Pros: CGU Insurance offers the chance to insure the cars with limited rust damage and the prices of the coverage are quite competitive. Most of the clients claim that they had a wonderful experience with CGU Insurance regarding the claim process and they are of the opinion that the process is prompt and quick.

  • The staff at CGU Insurance makes sure that the customers feel comfortable and offer the right information and details regarding the query. If you would like to reduce the premium amount, the staff members will be able to do so by limiting the number of drivers as well as the kilometres. Customers find that it is easy and simple to be associated with CGU Insurance and some of the customers confirm that their claim process was approved in just two phone calls which are really fascinating and the firm also offers the chance to choose the repairers.
  • Depending on your selection, the car damage will be handled accordingly and you need to pay only the excess while you can still keep the no claims bonus.

Cons: Some clients are of the view that the claim process is sometimes slow and the repairing of the damaged cars does not start even after 2 months which is really frustrating.

Customers also comment that the premium of the insurance is quite expensive compared to that of the other insurance companies.

Overall: CGU Insurance is a great insurance firm to be connected with and most of the clients are happy with the services and products offered by it.




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