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Budget Direct InsuranceInsurance Company Description
: Budget Direct is Australia’s most popular and trusted insurance firm and it has been in operation for the past ten years. They offer insurance products of high-quality and they are also known to offer various other products and services at competitive prices. Their professionalism is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of this insurance company. Budget Direct emphasizes on their motto of reducing the cost while keeping the features of the cover and in this manner, they continue to draw customers to purchase their insurance policies. Budget Direct is known for preparing customized policies for you that are specifically made to meet your needs. In all, Budget Direct offers Australians the chance to sign up for policies that they can trust and that too at low costs.

Covers: Budget Direct offers policies to the customers in the area of car insurance, home insurance, content insurance and travel insurance.

Pros: Offering policies and cheap rates is the motto of Budget Direct and they have completely succeeded in this. The policies offered by them are at really modest prices making it affordable by all. Customers are happy with the way in which the staff works especially by their courteous manner and they are extremely helpful even through the phone when you enquire about the insurance quote or claim. Budget Direct offers several options to you for obtaining the claim. The hotline of Budget Direct is extremely efficient and in case of damage to your car or house, they will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. The damages are further analyzed by an inspector.

Cons:  Many a times, it happens that Budget Direct adds extras to your policies and you have to pay for them, even though you might not be using it. In this manner, many a times, customers pay more than what they had bargained for. Budget Direct also implies on direct debit from your account which is not liked by some of the customers. Also, canceling of the policy is the most tedious task in Budget Direct and you have to go through the retention department for this purpose.

Overall: It is a well-known fact that Budget Direct offers one of the cheapest car policies and it would be a good option for you to opt for this policy if your risk of damage is in the lower level. You should be aware that Budget Direct does not cover a number of damages.

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    They are cheap for a reason, claims do not cover normal items and they will take forever to sort out. My last claim took over 2 months to sort out, and they did not cover the bike rack that was on the tow bar.i will not be staying with them.

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