Bingle Car Insurance Review

Insurance Company Description: Bingle Car Insurance has acquired the status of being one of the affordable comprehensive car insurance online solutions. They make sure that owning car insurance does not get expensive and as everything is done online, the benefits are certainly in abundance. This Australian owned insurance firm offers amazing value car insurance and Bingle Car Insurance makes sure that they do not compromise on quality.  Bingle Car Insurance assures customers the choice to value their cars, sends decent repairer for damaged vehicles and to cover up for damage up to $20 million which is simply amazing. They also take care of the towing costs and Bingle Car Insurance is backed by AAMI. In fact, this car insurance will work for all those who are good drivers and who believe in paying lesser amounts for car insurance.

Covers: As the name suggests, Bingle offers only car insurances.


  • There is no doubt over the fact that Bingle Car Insurance offers cheaper policies than any other car insurance in Australia. There are several reviews on Bingle over the internet which indicates that Bingle is indeed a great car insurance firm to be associated with. The comprehensive car policy offered by them is too good and offers great covers on the cars.
  • Bingle makes sure that it offers lifetime warranty for every customer and the fact that the client can claim up to $20 million is simply unbelievable. Certain clients have reported that when their car broke down on a freeway, they were able to get instant help and even the claim was approved within no time which is truly amazing.
  • Many customers are simply impressed with the easy approach of Bingle and this is one of the main reasons why customers are extremely happy with this insurance company.
  • With Bingle, you can accomplish everything regarding your car insurance from your home through the internet. If you want to save money on car insurance, then this may be the best option, Bingle Car Insurance.


  • There are hardly any complaints regarding Bingle and most of the clients are quite satisfied with this firm.
  • The only drawback if any is that they do not offer car hiring service when the client’s car is under repair.

Overall: Bingle is a very economical car insurer of Australia and it is because of its special services that it has gained unbelievable popularity throughout the nation.

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    It seems like this one may not be the best value if the packaging do8&;s#e217nt meet the best criteria – besides it isn’t rated the best compared to other brands that have been reviewed here. I think I’ll pass on this one .

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