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Aviva Life Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: AVIVA Insurance is one of those insurance companies with a very long history in the life insurance business. Aviva Australia was launched after it was taken over by the National Australia Bank (NAB). Aviva Insurance has been in the insurance domain for hundreds of years and it was created as early as 1696. It has emerged to be one of the largest personal insurance providers of Australia especially after having acquired centuries of experience in the insurance sector. In fact, Aviva has been operational in Australia for more than 100 years and was formerly named as `Norwich Union Australia` and its name was changed to Aviva in 2003. Personal and life insurance plans are the forte of Aviva and it makes sure to offer only its best to the customers.

Covers: Aviva Insurance is known for offering covers in the domains of Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD), Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection Insurance and Business Protection Insurance.

Pros: The motto of Aviva Insurance Australia is to make sure that you and your family is kept covered irrespective of the difficulties you face in your life. Aviva’s personal insurance policies make sure that your family is covered in sickness, injury or even when you fall out of work. They make sure to offer you the necessary assistance which is required when you are facing difficult times. Aviva Insurance is one of the insurance providers who offers lump sum amount for death covers. They also offer huge amounts of coverage for temporary and permanent disablement as well. The purpose of offering lump sum payment is to ensure that you will have some form of income even if you are passing through difficult situations. The lump sum payment will also help you to pay for your medical needs and treatment. Customers find the income protection or business protection insurance to be of great use as it has been made keeping in mind the need of the customers. Claims are processed quite quickly and it is made sure that customers receive the required assistance when they are in need for it.

Cons: Most of the customers are quite satisfied with the services offered by Aviva Insurance. However, certain clients state that their claims took a long time to process and sometimes claims were rejected without any particular reason.

Conclusion: Aviva Insurance is a very trustworthy insurance provider and is one of the favorites among customers. However, before buying a Aviva policy, it would be better to read the fine prints carefully.

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