Australian Unity Insurance Reviews

Australian Unity Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: Australian Unity is a renowned healthcare insurance provider. It has been known for offering quality insurance services to more than 550,000 Australians. This financial organization has at least 170 years of experience and offers several healthcare options to consumers.

Covers: The insurance coverage offered by Australian Unity includes health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, contents insurance, car insurance and travel insurance.

Pros: Most of the customers have only positive comments to say about Australian Unity. They are of the opinion that this insurance provider delivers what it promises it would. Majority of the clients have offered positive reviews regarding the way Australian Unity operates. Customers are of the view that the customer support representatives are very friendly and they are polite and helpful in their approach. They guide customers for making the right healthcare plan for them.

Getting quotes from Australian Unity is not at all a difficult task as you can easily obtain them from the company’s website and customers find this to be an easy option since they do not have to invest any additional time in this manner. One of the important benefits that customers talk about all the time is that they can avail around $450 of benefits with respect to losing weight or for quitting smoking. The $450 worth of benefit can also be employed for the GP health check up as well. Thus, it is very much clear that Australian Unity advocates customers to lead a healthy lifestyle and they help clients achieve this by awarding them special rewards. It is also clear from this approach that Australian Unity is not only focused on doing business but they truly care about their customer’s welfare.

All the Australian Unity customers automatically get access to Wellplan Online which will help each of us in becoming as healthy as possible. Also, customers can make claims as soon as they become members of Australian Unity and there is no waiting period to make claims. Australian Unity does not believe in including a lot of restrictions like the other insurance firms. Loyal customers of Australian Unity get many discounts such as 4% membership on direct or paid debit.

Cons: Some of the common complaints that are received against Australian Unity are that some of the special discounts cannot be used in combination with the special offers. Although Australian Unity advocates that there is no waiting period, yet there are several covers that do require a waiting period.

Conclusion: In all, it can be said that Australian Unity definitely cares for the health of its customers.


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