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Australia Post Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description:
Australia Post can be referred to as a part of the life of Australians and they offer such fabulous services and products which serve as a part of the everyday life and the business world in Australia. Australia Post is certainly a top class insurance brand of the nation and it is known for offering amazing car insurance policies to the people that certainly matches the customers’ needs and style. Australia Post believes in offering peace of mind to the customers by offering great security on their cars. This insurance firm is such a brand which believes in offering car insurances at affordable rates so that most of the people can enjoy the benefits of this insurance coverage. Australia Post offers car insurance with great privileges without any extra expense which is amazing as they also cover for any kind of unexpected damages of the client as well.

Covers: Car insurance is the type of insurance coverage offered by Australia Post.


  • The staff at Australia Post has great passion for cars and they offer the right information to the customers in a very polite and sincere manner. The staff and the customer service representatives can offer the quotes immediately which are certainly a great advantage of associating with Australia Post.
  • You are also offered the chance to sign up for the policy on the same day which certainly saves time for the customers. In cases where the car damages were not caused by the client, just by a quick call and explaining the entire situation, claims were sent in just a week which depicts the quick and prompt service offered by the company.
  • The repairs on the car is conducted in such a fashion wherein which you will feel that your car is brand new again.


  • One of the common complaints against Australia Post is the fact that there is no roadside assistance from the firm which proves to be a big disappointment in case of cars that are hit or damaged on a highway or on solitary places as the client has to make provisions for his/her transportation all by themselves.
  • A very small percentage of customers complain that their claim process actually passes through several stages which tend to be time-consuming and also frustrating for the client.

Overall: Although Australia Post is a small insurance firm, yet it has made its firm stand in the car insurance sector and is extremely popular for the quality services which it offers Australians.


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