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APIA Insurance ReviewsInsurance Company Description: APIA has managed to acquire the position of the one of the best insurance companies in Australia. It was initiated more than 20 years ago and has managed to form a branch of SunCorp. Several amazing customer services at affordable prices have been offered by this company and it is for this reason it has become so popular in the recent years. Statistics reveal that there are over 700, 000 Australian policyholders of APIA and there are more than 450 staff members who work for this insurance firm. APIA believes in offering world class services to its customers and only offers good quality insurance products and services.

Covers: APIA is proud to offer a wide variety of insurance covers to its users which are the Home insurance, car insurance, caravan insurance, boat insurance, motor home insurance and travel insurance.

Pros: Customers of APIA Insurance are extremely satisfied with the polite services of the staff members who are very helpful and also settle the matter in the quickest time possible. All the customers certainly agree that APIA claims are quickly resolved and they are cases of claims for home burglary and stolen cars which were settled in as less than 15 days. The policy booklets offered by APIA are comprehensive and offer the entire scenario covered by the policy. The premiums are quite fair and are affordable by the customers. In case of queries or doubts regarding the policy, staff members are always available at your service.

Cons: One of the major concern regarding APIA Insurance policies is that the investigation carried on by them is quite extreme. Customers who file for claims have to submit private information such as telephone calls, SMS, bank statements, emails, Internet activity, friends’ addresses, etc. and all these details are later on taken to a third party. Many of the customers are unhappy about this fact as the information is mostly passed on to the other party without the client’s consent. Also, $100 fees is charged for certain claims which is being processed for quite some time, however, if the claim gets rejected the fee of $100 is not refunded.

Overall: APIA is quite similar to the other insurance companies regarding the understandability of the terms and conditions of the policies offered by the company. It can turn a bit deceiving at times and you should seek professional help or advice from the staff so that you can have the right information in your hands.


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