Ansvar Insurance Review

Insurance Company description: Ansvar Insurance has gathered more than 50 years of experience in servicing Australians and catering to their insurance and security needs. It is one of the prime insurer’s of the nation as they offer a fine range of insurance products for individuals, families, homes and contents and for cars and boats as well. At Ansvar Insurance, ethic is given prime importance and the services offered by them is simply outstanding especially since their products reflect the customer’s needs and they believe in distributing the benefits they receive from their work to their brokers as well as to their clients and they believe in offering a positive enhancement to their client’s life.

Covers: Insurance covers offered by Ansvar Insurance are very unique and special and they are as home insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, general business insurance, faith insurance, heritage insurance, education insurance, care insurance, community insurance and risk management insurance.


  • The friendly and kind staff at Ansvar Insurance makes the entire set up of being associated with the firm a lot easier. This includes getting the quotes as well as signing up for a policy. The staff is also found to be extremely helpful and prompt when it comes to queries and this is one of the prime reasons why clients like to be associated with Ansvar Insurance.
  • The premiums of this firm are at competitive prices when compared to the other famous companies in Australia. Ansvar offers comprehensive insurance policies and these policies also include damages which are concerned with your assets.
  • It is often described that the insurance policies offered by Ansvar are best suited for younger people as they get maximum protection at a very low budget. Customers confirm that claims are certainly processed quickly, in an easy manner and the claim process occurs without any personal or embarrassing questions. Thus, customers feel comfortable during the entire investigation and claim process unlike certain companies which ask a lot of personal questions during the investigation process.


  • Many customers have often complained that sometimes it takes several weeks for the assessor to reach them in order to assess their car and without the assessment; they are unable to get the quote which is certainly a waste of time for the customers. You will be surprised to learn that the branches of Ansvar are quite less and in cities like Brisbane, the number of offices or branches is quite less.

Overall: In all, it can be rightly said that Ansvar is a safe and trustworthy company and is mostly suited for the younger generation who can get amazing packages at economical prices.


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