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Insurance Company Description: Allianz Insurance occupies a place as one of the top five insurers in Australia. It services more than two million customers. The company was initially started as the Workers’ Compensation underwriter way back in 1914 and was named as MMI or the Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Ltd. It was taken by Allianz AG in 1998 and in 2000; the company name was changed to Allianz Australia. This company also operates in New Zealand and it has 3300 staff members working in its Australian offices. The current focus of Allianz is to decrease the emission at least by twenty percent by 2012.

Covers: Allianz Insurance is a huge and fine brand name and it offers insurance coverage such as Motor Vehicle insurance, CTP, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial or Industrial Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Boat Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Travel Insurance and Liability Insurance.

Pros: The fame of Allianz is mainly due to the fact that they offer insurances at affordable prices which are why customers like to go in for Allianz Insurance. Valuation of vehicles occurs to their maximum upper limit of the valuation range even if it has traveled more than the average miles. Staff support is extremely great and they are caring and helpful and are very passionate about their work. You will be surprised to learn that you can get the quote and can also sign up for a policy in just 24 hours which is simply amazing.

Cons: Some customers of Allianz are of the view that the company takes a long time for claim processing and settlement which is not liked by the customers. The claim process seems to be very slow and the staff is quite unprofessional in the matter of returning phone calls. Many a times, it does happen that claims for getting the car repaired may take as long as a month which is simply a waste of time. The company does not update the customer on the progress of the claim which is quite irritating for the clients. Many customers have also claimed that Allianz debits money from your account even when you have closed the policy.

Overall: Allianz is a very large company and is a reliable brand amongst Australians; however, due to its large size it is not possible to satisfy each and every customer. Consult your insurance adviser regarding the fine prints of the policies and procedures offered by Allianz so that you are aware of each and every clause in the policy.


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